14 September, 2018



January 2019

We will begin our mission by participating as volunteers in the World youth day in Panama. This event is celebrated every 3 years and was an initiative of Pope John Paul II to summon all young Christians from around the world. It has its origin in the March of Christian reconciliation that took place in Rome in 1975.

We will participate in the planning and preparation of the event, we will be in Panama for 3 weeks.

For more information visit the official website of the World Youth Day in  JMJ – WYD


To continue with our trip we want to dedicate some time to honor our countries of origin.

We will be helping in Mission of Friendship – “Los amiguitos” program in Merida, Yucatan.

This center provides care for children ranging in age from 6 weeks to 3 years whose mothers must work to support their families. Children receive meals and participate in educational activities in a loving atmosphere.

For more information about this program click MISSION OF FRIENDSHIP

MARCH 2019

There are places in the world where a small gesture means a lot. Melon Mission is a refuge for more than 400 orphans in Kenya.

By providing them with love, food, clothing, education and other basic necessities for their survival we will participate in a mission that can suppose a way of guiding them to develop all their potential given by God.

For more information visit the official Melon Mission website www.melonmission.org

We will have the honor of serving in the Holy Land where there are many families and individuals who suffer from food insecurities or the inability to buy the food they need. This can have a dramatic effect on a person’s life and lead to depression, impede learning opportunities and the search for gainful employment.

In cooperation with the Department of Welfare and Social Services of Tel Aviv, the food distribution center supplies bi-monthly food packages to some 350 families in need to combat the negative side effects of food insecurity.

We will participate in this program through the GOECO organization in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

More information in GOECO

Within Thailand there are thousands of refugees from all over Asia. The need to reach them physically and spiritual is enormous. Bangkok alone hosts several thousand refugees from countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan, and more. Many of these families live in Bangkok without any legal means to support themselves and in fear of authorities. This presents the need for the local church in Thailand to work in partnership with the church around the world to reach out to these refugees in a variety of ways with the love of Jesus.

More information: UNITED WORLD MISSION

We want to end our trip by thanking God for the opportunity  to serve others in the world. We want to do it by attending Hillsong conference in Australia. Hillsong is a church that has presence worldwide and is responsible for many people who have opened their heart to Jesus and have participated in his work. 

We invite you to visit your page and discover their approach: https://hillsong.com


So, how can you change your relationship with the world so that it is based on giving rather than receiving?

We are happy to answer your questions about volunteering trips according to our experience and help you fill your soul in a way that can transform your life.