"No siempre podemos hacer grandes cosas, pero sí podemos hacer cosas pequeñas con gran amor". MTDC

Giving Tuesday for Melon Mission (English & Español)

GIVING TUESDAY 2018 – MELON MISSION Melon Mission is a haven for over 400 orphans, destitute and vulnerable children living in Nakuru, Kenya. They provide them will love, food, clothing and education. Since 2004, Melon Mission has been making a huge and significant positive impact on the lives of orphans. So Far, more than 1,000 Read more about Giving Tuesday for Melon Mission (English & Español)[…]

We travel with purpose (English / Español)

Have you ever dreamed about something you want to achieve but you feel that the moment never comes?. Maybe because you are in the middle of a professional project, with the family, or it may not be economically the best time. You are right, the perfect moment never comes and, let us tell you, it Read more about We travel with purpose (English / Español)[…]

Proyecto en Chiapas por Ana Reyes (Spanish)

Sandalias color café, falda negra, reboso de colores y piel morena. Una belleza diferente a lo que uno está acostumbrado, eso es lo primero que vi al llegar al hermoso Estado de Chiapas. Lugar donde las personas se olvidan de la vida que tienen y ahogan sus preocupaciones dentro del Cañon del Sumidero o las Read more about Proyecto en Chiapas por Ana Reyes (Spanish)[…]